bloom.wither in Hong Kong

China Congregational Church Recital Theatre, 26th August 2017, 15:30hrs

Despite the harsh weather conditions in Hong Kong, we were blessed not only with good weather on the concert day, but also the warm reception of our Hong Kong audience.


Cantabile Music Academy and The Art Song Consortium first collaborated in Hong Kong last year to present <<The Human Seasons>>. The seasons come and go unceasingly; just as flowers will wilt, they will bloom again leaving behind the sweet perfume of the blossoms. The emotions and thoughts evoked by each bloom and each wither are unveiled through the art songs by Thomas Arne, Johannes Brahms, Americ Goh, Charles Gounod, Reynaldo Hahn,  John Ireland,  Jules Massenet, Roger Quilter, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann. Together with pianist Ada Chan, we had the delight of presenting this song matinée.

Presented by the Cantabile Music Academy, Hong Kong.

Poster Design: Sandy Lee Yin

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