About The Art Song Consortium

Established in 2016, The Art Song Consortium (TASC) is a collective based in Singapore. TASC is committed to keep the Art Song genre and its intimate form of recital (Liederabend) relevant in our time and society through creative programming of art songs composed over the centuries. Discovering and programming quality art songs that were rarely performed is also one of TASC’s missions. TASC aims not only to stimulate the listeners aurally and emotionally, but also intellectually, hence deepening their capacity for the Arts. Together with TASC, experience the diverse languages and cultures that enrich the world of Art Song.

We strive relentlessly to engage our listeners with refined performances of art songs and we explore repertoire in order to enrich the lives of people from different walks of life. As there is no distinction amongst our listeners, we bring a non-biased performance to each of them every time.



Photo Credit: Martin Lee